What’s the Number 28 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

People say relationships are all about give and take. You even hear about the need to compromise. I assume you compromise by giving in so you can get back later.

The number 28 reason you can’t find love is because you go into a relationship with your hand out and nothing in it. In other words, you are the taker. While taking, you offer as little as possible. In fact, you may tell the person they should just be lucky you are in their life. With that mindset, you believe there is no need for you to offer anything. Your presence alone is enough to make the relationship work.

What’s funny is many women will say that is how they feel in relationships. They say they give, give, give. They pour their heart and souls out into a man and get nothing in return.

Yet, the only reason the relationship exists is because the man made it happen. It was his commitment that made it happen.

On the other hand, many men will say they give, give, give. Men go out and receive hard earned money in exchange for their mental or physical labor. After receiving their money, women expect men invest that money into her. Since money is for investing, what is his return for his investment? In exchange, he gets something she received for free. In most cases, the man’s human needs go unnoticed. How is that possible? How can 2 people claim they are doing all the giving and receiving very little?

Is it possible both are getting back an exact reflection of what they give? Or do people have such fantasies about relationships that their expectations have nothing to do with a relationship? Or is it that they have no clue what they have to give in order to receive the fantasy expectations they have?